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The Corner


The Corner,
Agro Food Industries 
Anti-Aging & Beauty Inside – Vol. 23(1) January/February 2012

, 6-9

Effipulp®, is a new anti-aging, detoxifying and plumping active
This peptide concentrate is produced through enzymatic hydrolysis of defatted avocado pulp (cake). This green process respects the natural character of the fruit. The result is a dry, water-soluble extract that has a unique composition of peptides with very low molecular weight.
Effipulp® stimulates the Proteasome activity, enabling cells to recover their original functions and ability to synthetize endogenous Hyaluronic Acid (by 220% vs placebo, ex vivo study) and proteins, such as Filaggrine or Transglutaminase for a better cohesion of the stratum corneum for preserving moisture.
Laboratoires Expanscience conducted a double-blind study wherein 49 women with dry, sensitive skin and an average age of 49. The creams were applied twice-daily to facial skin for 56 days, and the plumping effect was assessed by quantifying the variation in epidermal volume using an accurate technique, optical coherence tomography (OCT). Whereas the placebo had no significant effect, application of the cream formulated with 0.6% with the active resulted in a 6.1% increase in ...

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