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Randox Food Diagnostics – Providing reliable food safety screening.

Randox Food Diagnostics have 30 years’ experience in the food testing market and a dedicated research and development team. Randox Food Diagnostics are responsible for the distribution of Randox drug residue kits, wine testing kits and analysers worldwide.
In order to meet legislative food safety requirements laboratories need rapid and sensitive screening methods for the detection of these drug residues. Randox offers a versatile range of kits that include an extensive list of drug residue ELISA and multi-analyte biochip products providing a range of excellent screening platforms for detection of antimicrobials, growth promoting hormones, drugs of abuse, anthelmintics and beta- lactams in animals and foodstuffs.
The biochip testing platform uses the world’s only multi-analyte quantitative Drug Residue analyser; the Evidence Investigator. This multiplex platform provides simultaneou ... ...

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