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PlenishTM High Oleic Soybean oilThe first biotech soybean product with consumer nutrition benefits


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Global vegetable oil consumption is expected to grow 20% by 2020 due to population growth, economic development and energy, and healthier, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly options will be needed. DuPont Pioneer, the DuPont seed business, is the first seed company to market a high oleic soybean called PlenishTM that provides a healthier oil alternative for food companies and foodservice operators, and new market opportunities for soybean growers. Agro Food Industry Hi Tech had the pleasure, a few weeks ago, to interview Macy Merriman, Sr. Governmental/Biotech Affairs manager, DuPont Pioneer Europe, and learn more about this biotech soybean product.

What are the main characteristics of PlenishTM and how was it developed?
PlenishTM High Oleic soybeans are the first biotech soybean prod ...

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