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The NPA home care
natural standard

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In December 2008, I visited with Dr. DanielFabricant, Vice President Scientific & Regulatory Affairs,the Natural Products Association, (NPA) at theirheadquarters in Washington D.C. The purpose of themeeting was to explore the practicality of developing anatural product standard for Household Cleaningproducts. This article represents the result of discussionsand collaboration over a 12 month period between theNPA and a team of experts/stakeholders from the HomeCare Product Community who worked together to during2009 to develop a practical and realistic naturalstandard. The advisory panel drew from a variety ofsources, including relevant international standards, thirdpartyorganizations, existing research, and years ofexperience in the field. Advisors to the association arethe leading natural home care suppliers andmanufacturers, including Green Works, SeventhGeneration, JR Watkins, Cognis, Trilogy Fragrances,Aubrey Organics, PCC Natural Markets, Green Mountain,EcoMe, and Sun & Earth. The article begins with detailsregarding the size and scope of the “cleaning” productsIndustry in the United States as well as the value of the“Green/Natural” cleaning category based on a 2009article in Progressive Grocer magazine. Finally the articlediscusses the actual standard in specific detail includingallowed processing methods as well as allowed andprohibited ingredients that are now part of the standard.The standard has been defined as a “living” documentto reflect the ever evolving and changing market ofnatural ingredients available to manufacturers andmarketers of Home Care products. As new naturalingredients become available, they are reviewed, and ifcompliant, added to the NPA Home Care Standard.