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Driving the sustainability agenda:
the right thing to do in a challenging economic period

hans bender
A.I.S.E. President
International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance products
15 A Avenue Herrmann Debroux
Brussels, B- 1160, Belgium


Despite a challenging economic period,A.I.S.E., the voice of the detergent and maintenanceproducts sector in Europe continues to have a leadingrole in driving the industry agenda forward. On theregulatory side, the downstream users’ agenda is criticalwith the REACH, CLP, Biocides regulations. But what isparticularly specific to A.I.S.E. is its strong drive in thedomain of voluntary work, leading best practices in theindustry through projects such as the Charter 2010 or theCleanright web portal.


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