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- 10/17/2023

Acting Together: Uniting for Climate Change Action and Sustainability

HPC Today

Fighting climate change and protecting our planet, its resources and biodiversity has been among the most discussed topics over the last decades and as a result humanity as a whole has gained a lot more knowledge about what causes climate change and what we can do to decelerate it. Through research we learned more about how different environmental systems interact and influence each other, applied sciences developed advanced technologies to innovate and improve production and processes and as humans we learned to act and consume more responsibly. 
Keeping the conversation up matters. Fighting climate change is not a sprint but a marathon and even though, what each of us can do individually sometimes may feel like a drop in the ocean, all of our efforts combined do make a difference. And that is why at CLR we named our sustainability program #ActingTogether. To constantly improve and #InvestInOurPlanet we look at all aspects effecting our environmental impact: responsible sourcing, sustainable production technologies as well as reducing energy and water consumption. 
To learn more about our collective efforts, take a look at our “Acting Together” program on our website: