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- 10/17/2023

Innospec sustainable and innovative “Blue Ocean” formulations to meet today’s consumers’ needs in Home Care, I&I

HPC Today

For the 2023 edition of the Sepawa Congress, we designed and created new exciting formulations, all linked by three key concepts: sustainability, innovation, and customer/consumer positioning. Keep reading to find out more about Innospec “Blue Ocean” formulations! 

Powder Manual Dishwash Vegetable based 

Produces a good and creamy foam, which is stable over time. It is good for the environment given that it is a low water content formulation. Thanks to its powder composition, it is lighter to transport, requiring less lorries on the road, and therefore lower air pollution and fuel consumption.  


LAS-FREE Laundry liquid tabs 

This formulation cares about the environment because of its low water content and is suitable with unit dose and sustainable packaging.  

The main feature is – as its name suggests – its LAS (Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonates) free content, keeping its performance constant and long-lasting effectiveness.  


Powder Laundry Vegetable based  

>90% of naturally derived ingredients and its pretty high activity percentage, making it highly sustainable. Its washing performance compared with other powder and liquid formulations are significantly better, whether they are vegetable or petro-based. 

The powder form of the formula is compatible with plastic free packaging.  


Car shampoo tablets 

A free-flowing Alkalyne powder with great soil removal properties, ideal to be shaped in tabs. It has good wetting and good foaming properties: with little product and good, stable foam, it is possible to cover more surface with excellent washing properties. 


Dishwasher stamp 

A great gel format formulation to make the dishwasher shine! This is the Innospec most innovative formulation in the Home Care market, given its ease of use and effectiveness by simply sticking it inside the dishwasher and letting it dissolve during washing ensuring shining effect.  


Manual Dishwash Paste 

This super concentrate paste stands out: only a small quantity is needed to wash properly, by applying it directly to the sponge from the dispenser. With its jelly consistency, it can be customized and stored into a broad range of packaging/design.  


Powder Toilet Bomb 

Powder toilet bomb is our effervescent delivery system. It’s the perfect solution to clean the toilet environmentally friendly! So easy to use: drop the paper pouch into the toilet bowl; the water-soluble packaging immediately dissolves and the product fizzes and foams while helping remove the limescale. Only few minutes, flush away and get a sparkling result.