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- 05/29/2024

AGI Glassplant Sakura Pilot Reactors to launch at ACHEMA 2024

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today



AGI Glassplant, part of the AGI Group, is excited to announce that it will be launching its AGI Glassplant Sakura Pilot Reactors at ACHEMA 2024. This includes the Sakura and Sakura Mini next-generation premium pilot reactors, and incorporates the latest reactor vessel technology to provide enhanced performance and efficiency for chemical process scale-up.
AGI Glassplant has over 70 years of experience in producing systems for chemical processing and manufacturing, and the Sakura Pilot Reactor Family exemplifies its commitment to shaping the next generation of reactor technology. This product range enables chemists to easily scale up their processes, and features best-in-class glassware and AGI Glassplant’s Cyclone Vessel Technology as standard.

Sakura is a premium pilot reactor including vessels of up to 100 L, with the option to upgrade to the company’s proprietary Ring Baffle Vessel Technology for optimal efficiency. It incorporates the latest in reactor technology to provide the highest level of performance in a robust, easy-to-use package. Sakura Mini provides enhanced flexibility, with a range of interchangeable 10 to 30 L vessels in a customizable package. Both systems can support a wide range of applications, thanks to the ability to mount ancillary equipment – including condensers, reflux splitters, collection flasks and dropping funnels – directly to the frame. In addition, both Sakura and Sakura Mini reactors can be seamlessly paired with the AGI Glassplant Pilot Reactor Controller for full workflow automation.
The AGI Glassplant team will be showcasing the Sakura Pilot Reactor Family on booth F2 in Thermal Processes Hall 4.0 at ACHEMA 2024 on June 10-14, where visitors will have the opportunity to learn about this product range first-hand.