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- 05/29/2024


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Ultratemp Process Thermostats – High-performance Temperature Control for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Technology

LAUDA Ultratemp represents a new generation of process thermostats – powerful and precise, designed for demanding applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. With impressive heating and cooling capacities of up to 50 kW, a temperature stability of ±0.5 K, and an operating range of -5 °C – 60 °C, Ultratemp process thermostats meet the highest demands. 

LAUDA Universa combines the entire portfolio of LAUDA bath and circulation thermostats in one device line – modular, sustainable, digital, and powerful. ©

Their robust, easy-to-clean stainless-steel construction and intuitive operation via buttons and LCD allow efficient and precise use. Their bi-frequency power supply and the wide ambient temperature range of -15 °C – 50 °C make them fit for global use. Conceived for biopharmaceutical applications, they can effectively control large volumes of up to 5,000 liters.

LAUDA Ultratemp process thermostats will be presented to the public for the first time at ACHEMA.

Universa bath thermostats – modular, sustainable, digital, and powerful

The new LAUDA Universa range of devices comprises three primary performance classes: Universa ECO, Universa PRO, and Universa MAX, which cover all laboratory and pilot plant 

requirements, from cost-effective entry-level units to powerful professional thermostats. LAUDA Universa has a completely modular design. The control heads and baths can be flexibly combined. With bath volumes of 4 – 42 L and bath depths of 160 – 320 mm as well as cooling capacities of up to 1.5 kW and heating capacities of up to 3.6 kW, the ideal technical solution can be configured for every application and an optimum price/performance ratio ensured. 

The new Ultratemp process thermostat is ideal for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology environment. ©


All units in the range use natural refrigerants and frequency-controlled compressors. The latter allows energy-saving operation, especially at partial load. Examples of the Universa U 8 PRO, Universa U 1645 MAX, and Universa U 845 MAX will be on display at the trade fair.

Focus on natural refrigerants and efficiency

In addition to the new product lines, numerous innovative refrigeration solutions for the process industry will be presented, which cover different performance classes and requirements and can be flexibly integrated into complex process structures. A selection from the extensive portfolio of process thermostats and circulation chillers will be on display – with a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and natural refrigerants. From propane- and CO2-based process thermostats with a single-digit GWP (Global Warming Potential) value to the current generation of circulation chillers, which enable energy savings of up to 50 percent compared to older, still widely used models, LAUDA underlines its commitment to sustainable development. “Empowering Excellence. For a better future” is both a vision and a commitment, manifested in a comprehensive sustainability strategy that combines technical feasibility, visionary thinking, and a sense of purpose.