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- 03/26/2019

Berg + Schmidt puts whitening agents in good shape

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At this year’s in-cosmetics Global in Paris (Stand No. R30), Berg + Schmidt, the expert on functional raw materials and specialties from Hamburg, will present a novel range of whitening products to be marketed under the name BergaBright SmartLipids. In these innovations, Berg + Schmidt applies a patented process for the encapsulation of active ingredients in lipids to natural lighteners such as glabridin. The products from the new BergaBright SmartLipids range offer the advantage of high bioavailability and processability in cosmetic formulations.

Glabridin is a natural active ingredient extracted from the liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra). Long used in traditional medicine, it has recently attracted considerable attention in the field of skin care. Even at low concentrations, it promotes an even complexion and lightens pigmentation spots quickly and effectively. But in its untreated form the powder has poor solubility in both oil and water, and its industrial use is expensive because of its poor penetration. Glabridin is therefore dependent on a carrier system in order to use its lightening effects efficiently. In BergaBright SmartLipids Glabridin, Berg + Schmidt has developed a lipid-encapsulated format that ensures a high degree of bioavailability.
This form enables the active substance to penetrate deeper into the skin and protects the glabridin against degradation over a long period. Besides glabridin, Berg + Schmidt offers other whitening agents that can be discovered on stand R30 at in-cosmetics Paris 2019. BergaBright SmartLipids are high-tech carrier systems in which the actual active ingredient is embedded in lipid particles. They consist of a matrix of very diverse liquid and solid lipids that protect the active substance against physical effects and prolong its stability. Through diffusion, the molecules of the substance leave their lipid matrix successively and therefore unfold their beneficial effects over an extended period. The lipid matrix itself increases the ability of the substance to penetrate the skin and reinforces the natural skin barrier. Since the lipids adhere well to the skin, they also help to prolong the release of the active substance. From 10:30 to 11:00 on 2 April 2019, Florence Olechowski, division manager cosmetics of Berg + Schmidt, will be speaking on the optimized bioavailability of encapsulated glabridin and industrial processing of the carrier systems in cosmetic formulations in the context of an innovation seminar in Theatre 2.

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