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- 03/29/2017

Brexit and UK Healthcare

Pharma Horizon

On the 29th March Prime Minister Theresa May has trigged the art. 50 of the Lisbon treaty to exit the European Community and businesses are renewing demands of the U.K government to keep their interests in mind. 

Among differente areas that will be effeceted there is also Healthcare sector. 

Research and development could be threaten as university and tart-up biotech firms might loose EU funding, unless the U.K. find a way to match the ammount needed.

AstraZeneca and other big pharmaceutical companies now need to be reassured on the immigration law so that  EU scientists will be allowed to work in the U.K.

Finally also it will be important for UK, once  European Medicines Agency will have a new location, to secure an agreement for the reciprocal approval of new drugs or to allow Britain to follow Norway and Iceland in coming under the regulator’s authority.


Source: Bloomberg

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