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- 11/25/2019

Epi Ingredients launching revolutionary patented ingredients at FIE

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On a mission to drive innovation by supplying manufacturers with on-trends concepts and ingredients that resonate with consumers’ expectations, French dairy ingredients expert, Epi Ingredients, worked on several innovative solutions sure to create quite a buzz at FIE this December.

“With fermented foods as one of 2019’s top trends, we focused a lot of our efforts this year on expanding our offerings of fermented ingredients. However, we know that nutrition and healthy options are also an essential aspect of consumers’ purchasing decisions; which is why we also worked hard on developing a new nutrition-oriented concept“, explains Mathieu Lucot, marketing manager at Epi Ingredients.

After successfully launching new product concepts SoFlexi and SoBenefik these past two years, the company is doing it again; this time with a revolutionary extruded crispy ingredient. This patented ingredient, known as SoCrispies, was co-developed with a company specialized in the extrusion process. SoCrispies comes in two varieties and makes the perfect crunchy inclusion or topping:
– the first variety contains 100% dairy proteins and was created as a new tasty and nutritious way to incorporate protein into applications such as candy bars, granola bars, chocolate or frozen desserts and ice cream.
– the other variety features the company’s flagship yogurt powder and was designed as a yogurt-flavored add-in, bringing crunchiness and a distinctive yogurt-flavor to a wide range of food applications.

For attendees to fully experience the tremendous potential held by these dairy-based crisps, Epi Ingredients will be offering samples of both their protein crisps and yogurt crisps in various finish product concepts such as chocolate, bars and frozen desserts.

Food Ingredients Europe will also be the occasion for the company to unveil their ‘ethnic’ fermented powders, newest addition to the EPILAC range. These new ingredients are ideal for the development of both shelf-stable and fresh products that carry the healthful halo of yogurt while delivering the sense of adventure and discovery that modern consumers are craving. Building upon their longstanding technological expertise, Epi Ingredients was able to create new flavor profiles by playing with different cultures and fine-tuning their process. Some of the new ingredients developed include a Skyr powder, a Kefir powder, and, to stay true to the company’s roots anchored in Brittany, a ‘lait Ribot’ powder!

Check out Epi Ingredients latest innovations, sample revolutionary concept SoCrispies and meet the team at Food Ingredients Europe (December 3rd – 5th in Paris), booth n°6D143

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