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- 11/25/2019


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Rousselot®, a Darling Ingredients global business and the leading producer of collagen-based solutions, has signed a new 5-year strategic agreement with By-Health, the leading brand in China’s dietary supplements market. The agreement is a continuation of the fruitful collaboration between the two, which started in 2002. 


An extension of a first strategic agreement signed in 2014, the new deal not only relates to Rousselot’s supply of gelatins and collagen peptides for China’s nutraceutical market, especially the rapidly-growing “beauty from within” segment, but also strengthens the cooperation between Rousselot and By-Health when it comes to ingredient research and development, production, marketing communications, regulation and clinical studies.


The agreement was signed at By-Health’s factory in Zuhai, China. As the first fully transparent factory in the Chinese dietary supplements industry, it was a fitting location to renew the partnership between two companies with a mutual commitment to transparency and traceability. It was this shared ethos that brought Rousselot® and By-Health together 17 years ago, and later led to the signing of two strategic agreements.


“We’re delighted that Rousselot and By-Health are reaching further together in the spirit that Rousselot always seeks to pursue, supporting mutual benefit through close collaboration” said George Liu, CEO of Rousselot China. “The successful, sustained partnership between our two companies has enabled us to bring a range of high-quality health and nutrition products to Chinese consumers. We look forward to building on that success!” 


Mr. Liang Shuisheng, Vice-President of By-health said: “With this agreement renewal , we will continue bringing high quality products to the market. The agreement will play a role in educating consumers on the relationship between health and nutrition products, with a deep and positive influence on the industry.”

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