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- 05/09/2024

Faravelli Wins Multiple Awards at the 2024 Communicator Awards

HPC Today

Faravelli is pleased to share its achievement the 30th Annual Communicator Awards, a distinguished global competition that celebrates excellence in advertising, corporate communications, public relations, and design. 

We have been honored with the Award of Excellence in the following categories:
 Video (Category: General, Low Budget) “Behind a Great Group are Always Great People” 
Social media campaign “Impossible Garden: the FARAemotions collection

Additionally, Faravelli received the Award of Distinction for:
Video (Category: General, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) “Behind a Great Group are Always Great People
Social media (Category: Design Features, Overall Design) “Impossible Garden: The FARAemotions collection

These achievements were made possible with the creative support of Puzzle .

The Communicator Awards attracted over 3,000 entries from around the world this year.
Lauren Angeloni, Managing Director of AIVA
commented, “The entries into this season of The Communicator Awards were such a great representation of our three decades celebrating innovation and creativity in all forms of communication. I couldn’t have wished for a more diverse and brilliant body of work to be placed in our jurors’ capable hands.”
Please visit the Communicator Awards Winners Gallery to view all the winners this season.

About The Communicator Awards:

The Communicator Awards is the premier global awards program honoring creative excellence for marketing and communications professionals. Founded three decades ago, it recognizes the best in advertising, corporate communications, public relations, and design. The competition is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), comprising top-tier professionals from renowned brands and media firms.

Entries are reviewed to evaluate distinction in creative work. In determining Excellence and Distinction Winners, entries are reviewed on their merits against a standard of excellence considering the category entered. A category may have multiple winners or may have none. Entries are scored on a 100-point scale by the jurors. Generally, Excellence Winners receive a score of 90 or above and Distinction Winners receive a score of 70 to 89.