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- 05/06/2024

SILAB – INCLUSIUM® from SILAB wins the ICIC Award

HPC Today


To develop this active ingredient, SILAB got interested in inclusive beauty. To this end, the company used a unique approach, by identifying the main skin characteristics of consumers according to ethnicity, gender, and age. Three expectations stood out: a beautiful skin quality, an even, radiant complexion and reduced signs of aging. In order to meet these expectations, INCLUSIUM® boasts a cross-disciplinary spectrum of activity, stimulating the biological pathways essential to epidermal and dermal functionalities.

Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of R&D, Quality and Communication at SILAB, comments: “The development of this active ingredient called on a wide range of in-house expertise, including tissue engineering and omics. But it was above all from a clinical point of view that the work was colossal. SILAB has chosen to take into account the specific concerns of each ethnic group, which is why 5 clinical studies were specifically designed in consultation with experts from 4 different countries. We are pleased to receive this award, which recognizes the extensive work we have put into developing a natural active ingredient capable of responding rapidly and over the long term to universal cosmetic expectations.”

Thanks to its transversal efficacy, INCLUSIUM® offers a wide range of cosmetic benefits, thus enhancing the beauty of all skin types.