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- 10/12/2018

IBM Italy and Campus Biomedico University of Rome announced a new partnership in Healthcare and Life Science

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Campus Biomedico University of Rome (UCBM, and IBM Italy announced a new partnership to support innovation and the growth of digital competencies in Healthcare and Life Science.


Elder and long term care is rapidly becoming one of the most daunting healthcare challenges of our epoch. Recent studies tell that between 2015 and 2030, the number of people in the world aged 60 years or over is expected to grow by 56%, from just over 900 million to nearly 1.5 billion. By 2050, the global population of people older than 60 is expected to jump to two billion. Italy is one of the “oldest” countries in the world, hence the importance of preparing the best professional figures who will face what is looming as an inevitable necessity for the wellbeing of the population.


IBM works with Universities all over the world to support curriculum innovation, and new professional profiles development in focus areas that are fundamental to the digital transformation in the 21st Century, strategic to IBM’s core business and in line with the market needs.


The Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome promotes integrated teaching, research and healthcare structures, pursuing as the main end of all its activities the good of the human person. The University offers students a formational experience aimed at stimulating their cultural, professional and human growth, proposing the acquisition of skills in a spirit of service. It promotes knowledge, interdisciplinarity of the sciences, and research in all fields that contribute to the overall good of the human person.


Aligned to this strategy and with the focus put in Healthcare industry in Italy, the IBM-UCBM partnership will combine cross-disciplinary teams from the academic, scientific, business and technical communities to create new competences and address the innovation in Healthcare and Life Science scenario with a specific focus to the following areas:

  • digital transformation in health care: the hospital of the future
  • technological innovations: aging and chronicity sustainability
  • AI, Big Data and natural language processing: precision and personalized medicine for all


On this development areas, UCBM and IBM will join effort to conduct new projects and accelerating scientific breakthroughs, to pilot innovative model of digital transformation in Health Care.

Moreover, students and researchers will have the opportunity – thanks to the IBM Cloud – to use the IBM Cognitive technology and test the power of AI application in all the phases of the Health Care (from the discovery of new treatment to the daily care of chronic patient).

Students and researchers will have the opportunity to be assigned in one of the IBM Research Lab in the world and be involved in research’s projects focused on precision and personalized medicine.


“The University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome – underlines the Rector of the University, Raffaele Calabrò – has always been strongly oriented towards innovation and to generate paths of collaboration with national and international valuable companies in the areas of training and research. The agreement with IBM, in this sense, represents an important opportunity, which opens up to our students and researchers the potential for growth and relationships with avant-garde specialists and technologies, putting them in a position to contribute to the development of the Health Sciences of the future”.


“Technology can change the world only with the support of human capital able to make the best use of it.” says Enrico Cereda, General Manager IBM Italy, who adds “New skills are a priority for our Country and this agreement is consistent with our commitment and sense of responsibility towards new professionalism. Moreover, Artificial intelligence and new technologies such as cloud, cognitive and IoT can really transform healthcare models, speeding up scientific activities, enabling personalized medicine and in general support clinicians in their day by day invaluable job.”

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