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- 11/13/2017

L22® Trending Due to “Real Housewives® of Dallas”

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Public awareness of Floratech’s new ingredient L22 erupted immediately after Bravo network aired an episode of “Real Housewives of Dallas” which mentioned L22 and briefly described some of its benefits.
“L22 delivers the skin lipid profile of a healthy 22‐year‐old. This claim is completely verifiable by direct analysis. This message is available for any brand to use, and it’s plain to see the enormous public interest it can create,” said Steve Brown, president of Floratech.

L22 Benefits Include:
– Improving Skin Barrier Function
– Improving and Maintaining Long‐Term Skin Hydration
– Improving Skin Firmness and Elasticity


Watch a video about L22 at

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