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- 05/16/2017

Stem cell transplantation to cure Huntington’s disease

Pharma Horizon

Cardiff University might have found a solution for people with the degenerative disorder Huntington’s disease. The university research centre will use a stem cell transplant procedure that could slow development of symptoms.
The Welsh institute plans to begin the first transplants at a specialist brain centre by the end of the year, however as bee said by professor William Gray from the Brain Repair and Intracranial Neurotherapeutics (Brain) Unit ” the measurability of the surgery’s success may not be clear-cut for more than a year post-transplantation” however he carried on saying “we are hopeful the procedure could significantly contribute to the long-term development of therapies for thousands of people living with Huntington’s disease.””The procedure marks a next stage in our battle to combat the debilitating effects of this currently incurable disorder.”

The condition is caused by a single faulty gene, which is currently incurable and affects everything from a person’s movement to their feelings and thought processes


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Source: BBC



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