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- 09/24/2021


AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech

Being aware of the importance of botanicals in the development of nutraceutical formulas, and of their historically and scientifically recognized benefits for human wellbeing, ROELMI HPC’s approach aims to respect Nature’s own principles and life cycle, focusing on both plant integrality as well as integrity. By adopting mild technologies aiming at preserving the valuable power of natural compounds, ROELMI HPC provides a new active ingredient, SelectSIEVE® Libraideal for the development of food supplements dedicated to regulate the balance between hunger and satiety. 

SelectSIEVE® Libra is a natural active ingredient intended for nutraceutical applications for satiety promotion, as well as for the control of hunger attacks, thus favoring the success of dietary plans intended for weight control. 


Based on a formulation of selected natural extracts of Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) and Mulberry (Morus alba L.), 

SelectSIEVE® Libra brings in the natural efficacy of untouched compounds, gently collected through advanced technologies from natural sources along an ethical and traceable supply chain. Those selected botanicals, which perform complementarily on different biological processes of human metabolism, are able to provide effectiveness in the control of food cravings and weight, by promoting metabolic well-being, and physical health. 


Quick, concrete and significant clinical efficacy: 

  • *Food craving reduction, already starting after only 14 days of oral intake 
  • *BMI and Fat Mass positive modulation 
  • *Improvement of Total Quality of Life and subjective mood 

In-vitro tests and clinical trials performed to guarantee ingredient efficacy. Ask us for further details. 


The ingredient is able to control the balance between appetite and satiety, managing the desire to consume foods that should be avoided during dietary plans. Furthermore, SelectSIEVE® Libra leads to a positive modulation of body composition, leading to a greater reduction of body mass index and fat mass, when compared with placebo group. Finally, sage and mulberry extracts are also recognized for their antioxidant properties, useful for the protection of tissues from oxidative stress. 

In addition, the oral intake of a food supplement containing SelectSIEVE® Libra during a diet determines an increase in determination and enthusiasm in pursuing one’s weight control goals, and the perception of a better quality of daily life, attesting higher results when compared with placebo.  


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