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2015 A new year and new regulatory challenges


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Dear Readers,

With 2015 ahead of us and Christmas and New Year celebrations a distant memory, it is worth looking forward, possibly with apprehension, to some of the regulatory challenges that 2015 has to offer.

While 2014 saw several new pieces of legislation and reinterpretation and revision of existing legislation, 2015 will see a number of regulatory deadlines that will impact many areas and these changes will be visible to the man (or woman) on the street. I have included summaries of some of the legislation below (several of these have been considered in more detail in recent editions of Chemistry Today).

The scope of the European version of GHS (1), CLP (2) will now cover mixtures (i.e. formulated products) from 01 June 2015. The initial phase of CLP captured chemical substances and from June it will also be required for formulated products. These changes should be clearly visible to consumers, as products such as cleaners and detergents on the supermarket shelves will start to appear bearing the new diamond shaped pictogram rather than the old DPD (3) orange square hazard symbols. New pictograms ('exclamation mark' and 'silhouette' [sometimes refe ...