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3D food printing – facts and future


* Corresponding author

Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Production Engineering, Institute of Mechanics and Printing, Department of Printing Technology Konwiktorska 2, 00-217 Warsaw, Poland

KEYWORDS: 3D printing, food printing, food components, printing technologies.

ABSTRACT: 3D food printing is a rapidly developing market with huge potential. The article is an overview of the major food components that may be printed now and the components which could be used in near future. Besides, the technologies used for printing are described and key aspects of printing food safety are discussed. Moreover this article makes an attempt at an introductory survey of 3D printers commercially available on the market and future projects in this area. Additionally, advantages of 3D food printing are indicated. Furthermore the main areas where it is expected to be used are presented.



A few years ago the idea of the printed food on demand seemed very distant or even abstract, taken from science fiction films or associated with space missions. However, changes in this area occur very quickly. Nowadays, thanks to 3D printing technology both food and packaging can be printed.

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