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4.0: a revolution wave for pharma industry and consumer/patient


Managing Consultant at LifeBee

As all the industrial revolutions in the last two hundred years, Industry 4.0 has been triggered by a phenomenal disruption in technology. Today, technology is what we have learned to call digitalization. Today, disruption is the result of the ever-growing process of change of information technology and automation in the last three decades.

Pharma is no exception to this 4.0 reality and its trends: leveraging the digital disruption to create new perspectives.

For the first time, this 4.0 revolution defines and characterizes the industrial product in terms of identity between information and material goods, well beyond the usual combination of production cycle and information flow.

The wave of this revolution is on both Industry and Consumer/Patient. The Industry, to reconsider shape and scope of its processes and purposes: research, development, production, logistics, market, the whole value chain. The Consumer and the Patient, increasingly asking for information in a product and asking for products from information, with increasing awareness, with increasingly global attitude.

It is a wave that brings advantage ...

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