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A brief description of the major players involved in Dietary Ingredients & Supplements market

Dietary supplementation seems to be a paradox in the XXI century. Nearly the whole Western population has access to sufficiently high quality food sources with all nutrients and micronutrients indicated by science and medicine to be necessary for a healthy nutrition.
But this is not the real situation. Due to widespread bad nutritional habits in industrial countries the daily intake of micronutrients often doesn’t reach the minimal daily-required dosages and nutritional supplementation becomes a must. On the other side a good part of world’s population still today suffers from severe forms of malnutrition, which could be made less insidious with an appropriate micronutrients supplementation.
Altogether, this lack of adequate nutrition may lead to a series of serious pathologies and longer life expectancy pave the way to novel nutritional requirements in the population.
Here comes the role of dietary supplementation and of food fortification, which represent two ways to provide the population with sufficient and adequate ways to obtain the correct daily intake of micronutrients. Dietary supplements are in fact not drugs and, therefore, are not intended to ...

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