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Dietary supplements
A word with the experts from leading companies

The need for dietary supplementation may sound as a paradox in the XXI century where theoretically all people may have access to sufficient quality nutrition sources. But it is not so. On one side a good part of world’s population still suffers from up to severe forms of malnutrition, while in the industrialized world, nutritional deficiencies are prevalent due to bad nutritional habits. In some industrial countries the daily intake of micronutrients often doesn’t reach the minimal daily-required dosages! This may lead to a series of serious pathologies like, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, etc...

Moreover, a longer life expectancy leads us to novel nutritional requirements in the population: on one side the prevention of a series of pathologies must be ensured through a lifelong adequate intake of nutrients and on the other side a series of specific requirements in older people must be met. Here comes the role of dietary supplementation and of food fortification, which represent two ways to provide the population with sufficient and adequate ways to have the correct daily intake of micronutrients. Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech decided t ...

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