A call for sustainability



Scientific advisory board of H&PC Today – Household and Personal Care Today (TKS Publisher)

I have outlined in a number of my public interventions that the industry goes through cycles of fashions that do not change fundamentally its structure, but that become the portrait to present companies to the outside world. At the same time they become a tool to motivate internal personnel to perform against often foggy forward targets.
So we witnessed the T-grids, then quality, then innovation and now the new-born: sustainability.

None of the first three lasted for long, 10-15 years at the maximum and faded away as they arose, from nothing to nothing. Innovation, for example, is to me a collection of empty claims, confusing (deliberately or probably more because of lack of understanding of what innovation really is) step-change innovation with what has been always going-on: incremental experience gained from knowhow.

Throughout my professional career I have been through all these cycles and witnessed their emptiness and failures.

So I could be justified if I would be expected now to throw rotten eggs and garbage to the emerging flag of sustainability. Well you are wrong. My concern is not the em ...