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One size fits all?


One size fits all is not, anymore, the right marketing approach and it is not a real effective solution.

In the timing of globalization where trends and solution are running and diffusing across the world with fast speed, standardizing approaches, brands, behaviors, there are areas where customization are creating a value for customers by satisfying specific needs.

One area instead is moving from “one size fits all” to the “personalized” approach with tremendous increase of efficacy and allowing a much better quality of life.

We are talking about Personalized Medicine.

Personalized Medicine is offering a great efficacy together with both an ethical and an economic advantage.

This new approach involves the Pharma drugs as well a new Psychiatric approach to the Mental Health.

The Pharma manufacturing starts looking to targeted therapies usually rarely considered before since lack of capabilities to produce small quantity with reasonable cost, supply chain limitation, batch production processes with strong limitation in swinging to different product, quality, complex scale up. ... ...

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