Panel Discussion – Italian Pharma Outlook

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Italy is a key player in the European Union for pharmaceutical production and a hub for innovation and development. In this issue, we present a Panel Discussion on the Italian Pharma outlook, taking into account different segments of the market, from APIs to Biosimilars and discuss future potential for bringing increasing investment and innovation in the long-term.

Representatives from the three most important Italian associations – Aschimfarma, Assogenerici, Farmindustria, and experts from a few companies belonging to these associations have been invited to participate around a virtual table and discuss in particular about market demands; economic accessibility, sustainability and security of the supply chain; innovation; the need for a crisis-resistant system within EU.




From the Associations


Italian APIs sector: a leadership in the worldwide market


Paolo Russolo

President Aschimfarma


In the production of pharmaceutical active ingredients (API) Italy represents a worldwide industrial excellence, with a market share of 9%; over 90% of production is exported.


The production of the sector is destined to generics drug, custom synthesis/CDMO (Contract Development and Man ... ...