Custom synthesis & Contract manufacturing


1. Managing Director & President, LaForce Business Solutions GmbH (LLC)
2. President, MarketChemica

What lies ahead?

The pharmaceutical value chain works on a global level. Raw- and starting materials are mostly sourced in lower cost countries, led by China and India. Advanced intermediates, special compounds and APIs are often made in Europe, the USA and Japan. In the last 20 years, China and India have risen as pharmaceutical hubs, and high-end providers are competing with Western companies.


From the answers of the Panel Discussion, MarketChemica has prepared an analysis of the importance of important aspects of the participants. These results are shown in the boxes of this Special Edition.


At the end of 2019, these main trends are described in the CDMO field:


  • New molecules for special therapies and personalized medicine (Sources IQVIA, CPA); 
  • Smaller volumes but higher value; 
  • Number of small molecules does not diminish, while biological molecules and personalized therapies are growing; 
  • Multinational pharmaceu ...
  • ...