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A few hints to contrast ageing

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The aging process is a challenging human experience common to everyone, and the desire to look and feel younger prevails in the majority of us. To this regard, science has found and validated with clinical studies several molecules and solutions addressing those metabolic processes, which lead the overall ageing process. Oxidative stress due to physical and chemical agents is at the basis of most ageing processes. As a consequence several studies concentrate on those compounds which, through nutritional supply and/or topic application, can slow down or prevent oxidative processes. The most visible aspect of ageing resides in particular in the slow loss of turgidity and firmness of the skin. Wrinkle formation and loss of thickness of the skin are the consequences of a slow change of the composition of the extracellular matrix in dermis and epidermis. Another series of researches have addressed directly these phenomena by seeking for molecules being able to restore the composition and the chemical and physical properties of younger skin. Besides oxidative stress and skin ageing, many other factors are responsible for the ageing process: cognitive decrease, bone de-mineralisation, chr ...

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