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Experiencing an attractive aging thanks to a complete in & out treatment – Skin aging effects are reduced due to an effective combination of a traditional topical ingredient and a nutricosmetic mixture of Mediterranean ingredients 



Lipotec S.A., Gavà, Spain


Recent data estimated that global population over 60 will be more than doubled by 2050 as well as population over 40-50s, which will extremely increase (1). These figures mean that mature population will keep growing along with its desires during the following years. Therefore, a wide range of population will continue suffering the visible physical effects of getting older, implying that effective anti-aging treatments would be highly appreciated to reduce the undesired wrinkles, spots, sagging, elastosis and flaccidity that negatively affect self-esteem and social relations (2).
It is accepted that daily UV exposure and also the natural aging process cause negative effects on cells including free radicals and reactive species formation, extracellular matrix (ECM) alteration, connective tissue degradation, DNA damage decreases and matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) increase. The oxidative stress induced by photodamage decreases skin natural antioxidant defenses and MMPs specifically degrade collagen and elastin, which ...

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