A.I.S.E. leads by example to secure a sustainable future


A.I.S.E. – International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products, Brussels, Belgium


A.I.S.E., the European Association for Detergents and Maintenance Products, has a long tradition over the last 25 years of proactive work towards sustainable production and consumption for the whole detergents and maintenance product industry. A.I.S.E. prioritises proactive engagement with EU policy makers, to drive forward a coherent legislative process that fosters innovation, sustainable development, and a circular economy, to realise the full benefits of the European Single Market. Our work is closely aligned with various EU initiatives relating to the EU Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP).

A role model industry for serving society in an innovative and sustainable way
A.I.S.E., the European Association for Detergents and Maintenance Products, is the official representative organisation of this industry in Europe. Its membership totals 29 national associations across Europe, 18 corporate members and 18 value chain partners. This network of members represents over 900 companies supplying both household and professional cleaning and maintenance products and services to consumers and professional users. A.I.S.E.’s agenda for sustainable cleaning guides the association’s activities and represents a long-term commitment and responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future. A.I.S.E. bases all its work on solid principles of science-based solutions, a commitment to constructive dialogue with stakeholders and clear and transparent communication to end-users. All of this is founded on, and supported by, our extensive membership base which underpins and fuels the powerful combination of insights, influence, and expertise that A.I.S.E. brings to the table.


A.I.S.E. has over the last 25 years delivered impactful projects to ...