A.I.S.E. since 1952: The history of a sustainable industry


This year, A.I.S.E. celebrates the strength of its network and their achievements over 70 years of cooperation through the European association.


In the 70 years since its establishment in 1952, A.I.S.E. has grown from a handful of associations collaborating to secure the availability of materials post-war, into a pan-European organisation representing over 900 companies across over 30 markets. A.I.S.E. owes its existence to a few visionary individuals committed to developing trade and free movement in post-war Europe through an industry organisation that would speak with one common voice for the European soap and detergents industry.


Over the seven decades that followed, the entire process of cleaning and washing has been transformed, in response to people’s habits and expectations. The products themselves are barely recognisable compared to those used just two generations ago, and work that once required many hours and significant ... ...