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A new approach in cosmetic formulation – The naturalness way

*Corresponding author
ResPharma Industriale via G. Pastore 3 Trezzo sull’Adda (MI), 20056, Italy


Since the ancient times cosmetics have been produced widely, especially when, during early 1900, many additives became available, thanks to the developing of chemistry as a science and the use of petroleum derivatives. Recently a new trend became visible in this industry: focus on naturalness.
Approach to “natural” is not easy for both formulators and those who have to develop new raw materials; there is a need to evaluate supplier and develop new process/reaction to obtain products with the desired properties. This article is an example of how a company can choose environmental-friendly ways to provide its products in a worldwide market more “green-oriented”.


During the past and through the centuries, mankind has been fed, cured and “adorned” by the nature and the products of the land. Now, in the days of internet, technology and innovation, cosmetics made an important choice: to come back towards its “natural” origin.
The difficulties encountered in developing new products, due to new regulations and new “inquisition” forum, has led the cosmetics and cosmetic manufacturers to a new/old perception of innovation: naturalness.
To avoid the ethoxylated products, getting away from complex and expensive synthesis in terms of time and resources, to reduce the pollution… all these purposes in the last couple of decades led to the formation of new associations/groups very active in the “natural” cause.
Sometimes it happens that mass communication describes a product with alarmist terms without the necessary scientific basis in support or the correct consideration and exceptions about. Therefore, in cosmetic formulations, “natural” and “safe” are often interpreted as the absence of the accused substances. Often, claiming the “non presence” of certain i ...