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Arts and applied science: the perfect match for fragrance-making



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Identifying the basic principle the art of fragrance-making centres on certainly isn’t easy.
Perfumers and the fragrance industry can work out a number of strategies to lead a product to success, be the fragrance intended for personal use, be it intended for living space scenting, or be it developed for providing identity/acceptability/preference features to households and consumer products in general.
One of the possible strategies adopted is to entrust the formulator-perfumer with the task of proposing the creation of a "tone" - an elementary "olfactory form” - to develop a specific theme from, thus letting him work out end user product trends. Another solution is to direct the formulator-perfumer to a pre-defined "theme" of impact, identified by looking at market trends or still free spaces, or by necessarily matching finished product identity and positioning according to the marketing strategy that conceived the product. A third way is one based on following the trail of another product already successful in the market, exploiting all the possible techniques to literally reproduce that “guide” product.
No need now to take sides and say ...