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Assessing the sweet smell of celebrity

Brand Keys, Inc.
9 West 29th Street, 5th Floor
New York City, NY 10001, USA


Although fragrance consumers have becomemore sophisticated, much of the development in theindustry still relies on over-used visual metaphors, creativebottle design, and more often than not, heavy reliance on“borrowed” celebrity equity. Very little consumer input issought, and what input there is, is rarely predictive ofsuccess. In fact, celebrity branding, has become thepositioning fall-back of first resort. In most cases this is not alabour of love on the part of the celebrity, but merely a newincome stream. In light of the fact that only a handful ofnewly introduced fragrances rise to the surface to becomeclassic, sustainable brands, New York-based Brand Keys, Incdeveloped an emotionally-based engagement assessmentthat allows Fragrance Marketers to predicatively linkcelebrities with sustainable brand values.