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A Review Study on Premixed Flame Propagation: Simulation and Modeling

*Corresponding author, E-mail address:
Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) Laboratory, Faculty of chemical engineering, Iran university of science & Technology


Explosion is the result of skyrocketing energy release. Explosion’s intensity varies depending on the time of energy release. Different types of energy can be released, so the explosion phenomenon is divided into three groups (Lees, 1996):

Physical Explosion

Chemical Explosion

Nuclear Explosion


Gaseous mass explosion is the secondary outcome of physical explosion. Obviously the explosion of gaseous mas in the air is possible in two ways:

Emission of gaseous mass and contact with ignition source

Emission and contact with hot surfaces so that the temperature of gaseous mass is higher than the spontaneous ignition temperature of gas.

So the explosion of Premixed Flammable Gas-Air Cloud and calculations related to explosion and its harmful and destructive effects must be investigated. Obviously, as already mentioned, the explosion was a special case of combustion which has high pressure wave. In this regard to calculate all explosion parameters it is necessary to solve all the equations of continuity, motion, energy, raw materials and products deta ...

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