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A sustainability concept across the entire value chain
The Trigger Point Concept by BASF Personal Care


BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH, E-EMC/BH, 40789 Monheim, Germany


Sustainability has a multitude of aspects and triggers specific to each industry and each market segment. BASF has designed a framework to serve as a structured dialog platform with customers: the Trigger Point Concept. The concept looks at the entire value chain to offer tailor-made solutions based on the specific sustainability requirements of an industry, such as personal care. The holistic approach evaluates the value chain from the beginning, covering six main areas of focus: feed stock, ingredients manufacturers, supply, personal-care product manufacturers, retailers’ demands and activities, and end consumers.

Why do we talk about sustainability? It is the word on everybody’s lips due to increasingly important issues such as the world’s growing population, limited resources and the resulting demands related to energy savings, environmental compatibility and many other subjects. For an ever-increasing number of consumers, actual and perceived sustainability is one of the decisive factors when making their personal-care buying decisions. In turn, manufacturers and retailers are driving their own sustainability strategy forward.
For BASF, contributing to sustainable development is an integral part of the corporate strategy. Our purpose “we create chemistry for a sustainable future” is a commitment to sustainability, meaning the combination of long-term economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. In this regard, chemistry is an enabler for sustainability, with the aim of developing innovative solutions.
To help manufacturers better serve the needs of end consumers and to contribute to more sustainable development across the entire industry, BASF’s Care Chemicals e ...

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