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Our interview to key people
Dirk Fichtner
President of Sensient Fragrances


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Q: “Innovation is a key driver for the future”. How do you feel at Sensient Fragrances with this quote?
Innovation is an essentially important element for success. We see in all industries that companies have to re-invent their business and products in order to align their offer to changing market and customer needs. There is a strong commitment of the Sensient business with our CEO, the board of the company and our shareholders to keep our product offering always ahead of the market.
Especially in an industry where creativity –a rather intangible asset- is of significant importance, you need a very focused and well-built business plan to stay focused and to make the difference in the market. I like the way our CEO expresses it: “you cannot build a business on a string of good ideas, you have to build a solid strategy and track it”. We have a business plan built on value added products for our customers and we diligently invest in resources, equipment, and pe ...

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