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Philipp Haas – Chairman of the Board and CEO of DEVA


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What is the background of DEVA?
DEVA was established in 1958 to make APIs, antibiotics and finished dosage forms in Turkey. Pharmaceutical products were not easily obtainable in Turkey then, because it was a small and closed market and imports were restricted. EastPharma has injected a significant amount of new capital into DEVA since taking over. Old facilities were closed, new ones were built within the same sites and products were transferred in. At the time, this was Europe’s biggest pharmaceutical investment, at around €250 million. Now we have US FDA and EU approval for our factories. We regarded production as a key strategic capability that we wanted to keep and develop further, so we did. In 2006, DEVA sold about 60 million units/year, now it is around 200 million. Currently, in terms of market share, DEVA Holding is ranked as 2nd with 6.2% MS in unit sales according to IMS data for 2017-June.

Are the products sold under the DEVA name?
Yes. We have a strong ...

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