A word with.. Geert Dancet, Executive Director, ECHA


Brexit, US Presidential Elections, economic unstable framework. In this fast-paced scenario how do you see the role of the chemical industry today and in the mid-term?

The post-Brexit world has created uncertainty for companies as they wait to find out what the new trade agreements between the UK, the EU and the rest of the world will be. Industry has entered unchartered waters; however, until the UK government actually notifies its intention to withdraw from the EU in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union, nothing has yet been set in motion.

The mid-term effects on industry will depend on the outcome of the withdrawal negotiations. However, since the two-year negotiation period will only begin once Article 50 is triggered, it can be expected to last beyond the third REACH registration deadline on 31 May 2018. This means that UK companies will still need to submit their dossiers for the registration deadline as their obligations under REACH will remain unchanged until the UK’s withdrawal takes effect.

Ever since ECHA was established, we have cooperated closely and fruitfully with the UK authorities, i.e. the British compe ...