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A word with Maria Martin from Clariant


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Dr. Maria Martin, Product Manager (Bleach Activators and Catalysts), Detergents & Intermediates at Clariant.

Clariant, one of the most important players in specialty chemicals worldwide presented at the last CESIO Conference in Barcelona their broad palette of products and solutions for the detergents market. We had the pleasure to have a word with Dr. Maria Martin, Product Manager (Bleach Activators and Catalysts), for Detergents & Intermediates, to talk about the latest developments of the Company and its future perspectives.

Q. Considering the new development of the company, what about the detergent business? If you can comment the vision of the company, the organization, changes, …?

Clariant has undergone some structural changes over the past couple of years, but all of the Business Units have retained a strong customer focus throughout this reorganization.  Detergents and Intermediates remains committed to our customers, we ...

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