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A word with … UteGriesbach & Rita Köster, BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH 


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Ute Griesbach & Rita Köster, BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH

Everybody is talking about sustainability these days. For an ever-growing number of consumers, actual and perceived sustainability are decisive factors when making their personal care buying decisions. Thus, manufacturers who aim to succeed on the personal care market are under growing pressure to drive their own sustainable development forward, for instance, by making their products more environmentally-friendly, by achieving eco-efficiency in their logistics, or by embracing their social responsibility. But what sounds easy in theory can be quite challenging in reality. We talked to Ute Griesbach and Rita Köster from BASF and asked them about their view on the challenges of sustainable development, how chemistry and sustainability can be reconciled and in which ways the business supports its customers in becoming more sustainable themselves.

Q. What are BASF’s future plans with its Personal Care bu ... ...

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