Active ingredient designed to optimize mitochondrial activation – Efficacy assessment on skin energy


* Corresponding author
ROELMI HPC Srl, Origgio, Varese, Italy


Aging is a multi-variable, non-stop process that involves skin thinning and vitality lost. When it occurs, skin complexion could become dull and tired and, as a result, aging signs are highlighted. It this occasion, mitochondria play a vital role and any dysfunction could induce cutaneous distresses.
This work aims at presenting the evidence of the effectiveness of a new cosmetic ingredient, developed through sustainable enzymatic technology, designed for promoting skin well-being, as result of a widespread vitality, providing positive conditions for metabolism and trophic cell processes.
A series of in-vitro and in-vivo tests will be described as a support of the scientific efficacy background of the ingredient, acting as a skin energizer.

Skin aging process is the result of a loss of cellular function, which can be further accelerated by external factors.
As urban lifestyles become more popular, people across the globe leading extremely hectic and stressful lifestyles (irregular sleeping patterns, unhealthy eating habits) have had an adverse impact on the cutaneous skin ecosystem. Moreover, UV exposure and alarming levels of pollution are making the skin dull and lackluster. In this sense, all these factors concur to accelerate the premature aging process, a natural condition in which physiological performances progressively get worse, bringing the skin to be more stressed and less efficient.
Mitochondria have a key role in skin functions and mitochondrial damage has been found to accumulate with age in skin cells. They have many fundamental functions such as energy production and providing metabolites for building macromolecules.
Although classically appreciated for their role as the powerhouse of the cell, the metabolic functions of mitochondria reach far beyond bioenergetics. Mitochondria catabolize nutrients for energy, generate biosynthetic precursor ...