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Aging beautifully – Proven skin health benefits of collagen peptides Preclinical and clinical studies substantiate the beneficial effects of orally administered collagen peptides


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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. The supplementation of collagen peptides provides valuable building blocks for many tissues, and specific collagen peptides can stimulate the body’s connective tissue metabolism. Optimized collagen peptides for beauty-from-within applications showed in clinical studies a significant improvement of parameters associated with skin aging. Orally administered VERISOL® influences skin metabolism from the inside, increasing skin elasticity and reducing the formation of wrinkles, as well as supporting an overall improvement of skin surface structure as a result of increased dermal density. It is produced from native collagen and has excellent bioavailability.


Maintaining a healthy skin and youthful appearance is a challenging aspect of aging. Although skin health is generally an appearance-related topic, radiant skin – especially as we age – can be the ultimate confidence booster and can greatly enhance wellbeing and quality of life (1, 2). Collagen is a major component of skin connective tissue and a healthy, active connective tissue metabolism plays a major role in skin health (3, 4). Specific collagen peptides have been developed to support beautiful skin from within. When ingested orally, they stimulate fibroblast cells in the dermal layer of the skin to increase overall extracellular matrix formation, by doing so, they influence the skin’s collagen metabolism from inside (5). Collagen peptides help to strengthen the skin’s connective tissue, meaning fewer wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and a younger appearance (5, 6).



Environmental, internal and hereditary factors, as well as the normal process of aging, all influence the appearance of skin (7, 8).

Signs of aging skin include spots, scars and unevenness, dryness, ...

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