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The importance of formulation innovations for successful product development


Monsanto Company, 700 Chesterfield Parkway West,
Chesterfield, Missouri 63017, USA


Formulation innovation is essential in meeting grower needs while ensuring the success of agrochemical products. This is especially important for pesticides that have been in use for many years and are being considered for new crop protection challenges. Acetochlor has been in use as an effective pre-emergent herbicide in corn for over two decades. More recently an innovative microencapsulation formulation has enabled the use of acetochlor to control glyphosate resistant weeds while increasing the crop safety in soybean and cotton. Weed control and crop safety data on soybean and cotton shown in this report highlight the importance of formulation innovation in the successful launch of an encapsulated acetochlor product that has become an important tool in the management of glyphosate resistant weeds.



Weed resistance poses a huge challenge to the sustainability of modern agronomic practices in row crops. The number of herbicide resistant weeds has grown over the years and more steeply in the past decade (1). This is happening at a time when the number of new herbicides introduced in the market has slowed down with almost no new ... ...