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Alkyl polyglucoside surfactants Multitasking efficiency for hard surface cleaning

*Corresponding author
Cognis GmbH, now part of BASF
Home Care and I&I, Henkelstrasse 67, Düsseldorf, 40589, Germany


Convenience remains a key demand of hard surface cleaners, but consumers also want their cleaning products to be environmentally sound – without compromising on performance. Manufacturers are therefore constantly reviewing their product lines and seeking to develop innovative, environmentally friendly solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. The versatility of alkyl polyglucosides(APGs®) makes them perfect for cleaning formulations for both domestic and I&I (industrial & institutional) use. Obtained from renewable rawmaterials, they offer excellent performance while being gentle to skin and harmless to the environment – thus representing a good choice formanufacturers to combine efficiency and mildness with ecological congeniality for the use in the home care industry and in the I&I (industrial &institutional) cleaning area.


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