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Surfactants and formulation Plugging the knowledge gap

Consultants to the British Association for Chemical Specialities, British Association for Chemical Specialities
Simpson House, Windsor Court, Clarence Drive, Harrogate, HG1 2PE, United Kingdom


Knowledge and expertise have always beena vital resource to help grow business through Researchand Development. This is particularly the case in theSurfactants industry. Like other sectors, changes in theSurfactants area are such that a significant body of expertise and knowledge has been lost. Consequently there is a resulting gap in the knowledge and expertise required to drive the sector forward. This article analysessome of the reasons behind the loss of expertise in the Surfactants sector, including the requirement for agreater understanding of surfactancy, an appreciationof all the factors which should be considered in order todevelop formulation skills and a review of some of the steps being taken to address this knowledge gap.