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Ameliorating your sustainability strategy – starting with new product development


Vital Solutions GmbH
Member of Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech Scientific Advisory Boar

Green chemistry, corporate social responsibility, environmentally-friendly processing, sustainable souring - all these terms try to transport the same message to the consumer, which is most probably best described with the word sustainability.
Sustainability can be summarized as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
Companies focusing on sustainability targets, which are beneficial for the society and the company, will be able to gain a competitive advantage through differentiation and branding of corporate sustainability.
Health and eco-conscious consumer prefer brands which claim to be natural, organic, fair trade, non-GMO and they are looking for local, traceable products with low carbon footprint.
How to developed sustainable products and even more how to establish a companies’ mindset for sustainability?
New product development is an excellent starting point to define sustainability targets and to address them through the various departments involved as well as to external partners during the development process. Therefore NPD is the perfect platform from which to ana ...

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