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ALGEA – From the Arctic: a natural source of well-being


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Everybody agrees that wellness is a way of living. We should take care of us, every single moment during the day, especially when we are eating: at the end of the day, “we are what we eat”, and, I would add, “we are how and when we eat”, too.
We all know that we should eat fruit and veggies “5 a day”, but I’m sure that the most of us recognize as “proper veggies” only the conventional vegetables coming from the land.
By thinking this way, we are forgetting the sea plants, a powerful source of helpful active ingredients that we cannot find in their terrestrial “relatives”.
Arctic seaweed can fully be considered a rich source of nutrients, that, even when taken in relatively small amounts, are able to exert a beneficial effect on our body (and, I would add, to our mind, too…).
Just think for a moment about the way Arctic seaweeds live in their harsh environment: to me, it seems very likely that they were born with, and have developed, an “extra gear” in all th ...

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