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Rift valley fever: EFSA looks at the risk of introduction and spread in Mediterranean countries neighbouring the EU The introduction of the Rift Valley fever into countries in North Africa and Middle East that border the Mediterranean Sea is most likely to occur through the uncontrolled movements of infected animals from Eastern Africa and the Arabian peninsula. This is one of the findings of a scientific opinion by EFSA’s Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW). Rift Valley fever is a highly contagious disease that affects animals and humans, potentially leading to death. It is transmitted through mosquitoes and contact with blood or tissues of infected animals. With important implications for animal and human health, Rift Valley fever also impacts on people’s livelihood, the trade of animals and food security. Based on the available evidence in scientific literature and outbreak reports, the AHAW Panel concluded that in the last 10 years Rift Valley fever has not spread to new countries. The Panel noted, however, that the disease has moved north within Mauritania to a desert area.

 To gather information on the risk of the introduction of the R ...

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